Environmental Matters

We plan to be around for another 40 years and we want to make sure that the high quality fish we serve will be around too.  We therefore take the  subject of the environment and sustainable fishing seriously and have changed our practices to make sure we are as Eco and Fish friendly as practicable.

Recycling & Packaging

We have deliberately avoided moving to polystyrene containers for our fish and chips as we believe that  they adversely affect the quality of our food and more importantly create unnecessary non biodegradable waste.  All of our food is therefore wrapped in biodegradable paper. All paper cardboard, metal  and plastic waste we generate is sent for recycling and all food waste is also separated. Our aim is to recycle 100% of our waste.


We do not believe that other lesser known varieties of fish are a suitable alternative to the quality and taste of the mighty cod and we do not therefore offer Pollock, Hake, Coley or other species of fish to our customers as a Cod alternative. To alleviate the burdens on Cod stocks we therefore endeavour to source all of our Cod from the well stocked North Atlantic Ocean and Barents Sea. These areas are seeing huge increases in fish numbers and are very well stocked with Cod. The Sizes of fish from these seas have also increased dramatically.

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